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Everybody’s talking at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying, Only the echoes on my mind. March 4, 2009

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A bunch of things have been bugging me lately and perhaps writing about them on here will make me feel better. So let’s start.  I give people chances.  Lots and lots of chances.  And I make up excuses for why they are the way they are.  Like so-and-so was pretty much brought up an only child or X had a really controlling mother or Z’s great grandma died when she was 3.  And that’s why those people are the way they are.  But the thing is-once you’re done with college, you’re an adult.  And those excuses are no good.  No good.  I wish people would just freaking grow up!  I mean seriously.  Next.  I don’t think anybody has the right to be angry at everything and everybody all the time.  I mean, I guess if you watched you’re parents get murdered when you were 5, then had to go to foster care, where you got molested at age 10, and then ran away and became a prostitute at 15, then got addicted to drugs at 17, almost died at 18, and then had to live under a bridge…then you can be angry whenever.  I don’t personally know anybody like that, yet a bunch of people are mad all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  Get over yourself!

Hey, look at that.  I do feel kind of better.

So now for some happy stuff.  I’m going to New York City to interview at the Rebecca School at the end of March.  I’m super excited about that.  I hope they like me.  That’s the school that I read about over the summer.  The one I thought would be awesome to work at.  And they liked my resume.  So wahoo.  I’m nervous about going there by myself, but I’ll be okay.

Hm.  That’s all for now.  I have to go do some reading.



2 Responses to “Everybody’s talking at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying, Only the echoes on my mind.”

  1. jimandeviesadventures Says:

    Oh my goodness, good luck with your interview!

  2. skyduck Says:

    lol i hear ya sweetie. there are more of us out here. Don’t feel alone. Keep shining.


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